Discipleship Resources

The James’ Mirror discipleship pages are organized by your spiritual maturity as follows:

  • New Christian: This page is for recent converts to the faith who need to reinforce basic beliefs and ensure that they’re grounded in the Gospel
  • Growing Christian: After you have a thorough understanding of the Gospel, you should deepen your faith using some of the materials recommended here
  • Mature Christian: This page is for those who have walked with Christ for some time and want to continue to be challenge by some of the best writing in the history of the Church.  The resources on this page are the classic books of the faith that have stood the test of time
  • Parenting: Raising children is difficult, but there are plenty of books and sermons available to help guide to help you bring your kids up in the faith
  • Discipleship Tools: Additional information on ministries, movies and ideas for training children