Ministries to Support


The most well known ministries receive the majority of contributions that don’t go to the local church, but there are plenty of smaller organizations that do good with with limited resources.  As you have funds available, consider consider supporting one of the following groups where your money will have more impact on their budget:

  • Christian Aid: Provides support for indigenous missionaries who are more effective than Western missionaries at communicating the gospel.  You can ‘adopt’ a missionary similar to adopting a child at other organizations
  • Abort73: Pro-life education ministry with plenty of information on abortion and its implications to society
  • Robert Morrison Project: Works to translate Christian books into Chinese, which can be legally published and distributed without concern of government intervention
  • Biblical Training: Provides free seminary level audio courses from leading seminaries around the country
  • Access Partners: Uses businesses to reach people groups that don’t allow country access to traditional missionaries
  • Wellspring International: International aid project focusing on the health and welfare of women and children
  • f.r.e.e international: Works to find, shelter and return girls who have been trafficked for sex
  • Shaohannah’s Hope: Provides adoption support to encourage families considering adding to their family
  • Training Leaders International: Provides theology teachers to countries with limited pastoral training opportunities