What Did Jesus Teach?

Jesus taught on many topics, but several are repeated by Him or the Gospel writers more frequently than others.  Here a starting point (in no particular order) to consider the major themes He preached on:

  • Salvation: Everyone who believes in Him will have eternal life (John 6:40).  Belief is shown through doing the work of God (John 6:28-29)
  • Salvation includes the Gentiles: Foreign magi come worship; Jesus’ reading from Isaiah scroll; Jesus healed Gentiles; Samaritans shown in positive light; Great commission call is to go to the ends of the earth
  • Election: Father hides and Son chooses who to reveal to (Matthew 11:25-27).  Many called but few chosen (Matthew 22:14)  Narrow gate and many will be denied (Luke 13:22-26).  No one can come unless it is granted by the Father (John 6:65)
  • Perseverance: All that the Father gives will come, and those who come will not be cast out.  I will lose none of them (John 6:37-39, 10:28).
  • Revelation: Secrets of the kingdom are hidden from many (Mark 4:11); explanation of resurrection hidden from disciples (Luke 18:34)
  • We have a heavenly audience: Give, pray and fast in secret doing it for God rather than the praise of men (Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18)
  • Be Humble: Greatest/first must be last and servant of all (Mark 9:35, Mark 10:43, Matthew 20:26, 23:11).  Humble ourselves like a child to be the greatest in the kingdom (Matthew 18:4).  Exalted are humbled and humble exalted (Luke 18:14,Matthew 23:11).
  • The lost are found: Illustrations of the sheep, coin and prodigal son (Luke 15)
  • We have freedom in Him: Son makes free; truth makes free (John 8:32-36)
  • Suffering is used by God: Illness is for the glory of God (John 11:4), to result in belief (11:15), to show that the Father sent Him (11:42); Man born blind to show work of God (John 9:1-4)
  • Holy Spirit: God will send the Counselor (John 14:16, 26) to teach all things
  • Obedience: Abide in Me as I in you (John 15:4), whatever asked for will be given (John 15:6).  Blessed are those who hear the word and do it (Luke 11:28)
  • Eschatology: Beginning signs of the end are wars, earthquakes, famines, terrors and great signs (Luke 21:9-11).  Families and friends will be divided (Matthew 10:21).  We may be hated for God (Matthew 10:22).  False prophets will arise (Matthew 24:11)  Gospel will be preached to all nations and then end will come (Matthew 24:14).  Last days will be like time of Noah and Lot (Luke 17:28-30).  Watch for his coming (Matthew 25:13)
  • Judgment: God will separate the sheep from goats at return – the righteous to eternal life, others to eternal punishment (Matthew 25: 31-33, 46)  We are righteous when we do His will through actions like feed and clothing the needy and visiting the sick (25:35-36)