How to Pray for Your Children

Why pray for your children?

  • Their salvation is so great a prize that it is worth all the time and energy you exert in petitioning GodPrayer for Children
  • You are likely the only person praying for them
  • No one else knows their needs as well as you do
  • By their salvation, granted in answer to your prayers, your Savior will be glorified

How to Pray for Your Children – A Weekly Prayer Guide

  • Sunday: Pray for their salvation, that they mature in their dependence upon God and perseverance when they suffer for the faith
  • Monday: Ask God for their growth in the knowledge of Him and His Word, so that they may be ready to give an answer to the hope that is within them
  • Tuesday: Seek God for wisdom for your children both in how you raise them and for discernment in the decisions they make about friends, activities and media consumption that they may remain pure and holy before Him
  • Wednesday: Petition God that He would make them love and serve others while having the courage to be truthful in their witness (in word and deed); especially when the face persecution
  • Thursday: Draw near to God to request that they become humble, grateful and content knowing that everything is a gift from God and that they shouldn’t boast in anything but Christ
  • Friday: Ask God to guide them to do everything for His glory; that He gives them self-control such that their thoughts, words and deeds honor Him, so that others may see their good work and praise God.  Pray that they would hear the words “Well done good and faithful servant” on judgment day
  • Saturday: Call upon God to teach them to forgive others as He has forgiven them and to be reconciled with others who have harmed them

Here are some additional Christian parenting resources, what Jesus taught about prayer and suggestions for how to pray.

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