Resources about How to Parent

Recommended Christian parenting books 
  • How to parent children:
    • What the Bible Says about Parenting by John MacArthur: Start here
    • Duties of Parents by JC Ryle: A classic book on parenting
    • Sticky Situations – 365 Devotionals by Betsy Schmitt: Daily story and discussion questions to prepare kids for difficult decisions they’ll face.  Book one for older elementary and book two for younger elementary kids
    • Family Driven Faith by Voddie Bacham
    • She Calls Me Daddy by Robert Wolgemuth
    • The Most Important Place on Earth by Robert Wolgemuth
  • Teaching children about God
    • The ESV Illustrated Family Bible: Covers the major stories in the Bible using the ESV text
    • Early Readers Bible: Utilizes the 100 most common words and adds three new words per story to teach the Bible and reading
    • Disciplines of a Godly Family by Kent Hughes: Covers a wide range of topics such as family traditions, prayer and manners
    • Big Truths for Young Hearts by Bruce Ware: Outlines how to have a conversation about theological topics with middle and high schoolers
    • Leading Little Ones to God by Marian Schoolland: Walks through the Gospel step-by-step at a level grade school children will understand
    • Training Hearts, Teaching Minds by Starr Meade: Daily family devotions based on the Westminster Confession
    • Grounded in the Gospel by Gary Parrett: Encourages the use of catechism to teach children the faith based on the Apostles Creed, Ten Commandments and Lord’s Prayer
    • Family Worship by Donald Whitney: Short introduction to the topic of leading your family in a time of Bible reading, singing and prayer
    • Family Worship by Joel Beeke
    • Big Truths for Little Kids by Susan Hunt: Children’s catechism intertwined with a story, which prompts good discussions
    • Teaching Kids about God: Age based (2-12) approach to developing a child’s faith
    • Family Nights Tool Chest by Jim Weidmann: Several books that provide activities that tie together Bible lessons
    • Long Story Short – Ten Minute Devotions to Draw Your Family to God by Marty Machowski
    • Off the Record with Martin Luther translated by Charles Daudert: Luther’s students recorded conversations and his blunt discussions of a variety of topics are a way to engage high school students in doctrinal topics
    • Come Ye Children by Charles Spurgeon
  • Raising Masculine Sons
    • Thoughts for Young Men by JC Ryle
    • It’s Better to Build Boys than Mend Men by Truett Cathy
    • Raising a Modern Day Knight by Robert Lewis: Specifically for boys staring in the elementary school years
    • Boyhood and Beyond by Bob Schultz: He has a couple of other books on this topic as well
  • Teaching Christian history
    • 5 book series by Mindy and Brandon Withrow: Peace and Peril (Ancient Church), Monks and Mystics (Medieval Church), Courage and Conviction (Reformation Church), Hearts and Hands (Awakening Church) and Rescue and Redeem (Modern Church)

Recommended books with Christian themes to read to/with your kids:

  • Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan: Ages 8+ because some of the dialogue is long.  Great for promoting family discussions.  YouTube also has a reading of the book that’s well done.
  • Holy War by John Bunyan
  • The Narnia Series by CS Lewis: Ages 6+
  • Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolken: Ages 10+.  Amazing use of the ring as a symbol of the sinful idols we create in our lives
  • Missionary Stories with the Millers (and other with the Millers titles)
  • Ten Girls Who Changed the World (Ten Boys as well along with other Ten Girls/Boys Who…)
  • The Priest with Dirty Clothes by RC Sproul (also The Prince’s Poison Cup)

Christian magazines for kids:

Online resources: