Resources for New Christians

Church – As a new Christian, the first place to begin, after ensuring you understand the gospel, is by finding a local church to get connected with.  The book The Nine Marks of a Healthy Church outlines what you should consider as you visit different places.  Pastors who have a degree from Trinity, Westminster, Moody, Gordon-Conwell, Biola, Reformed, Dallas, Southern, Covenant Seminaries or Regent College are a good indicator that the church is grounded in Scripture.  You can start your search here:

Bibles – Start with Luke, Acts and John then read 1 Corinthians through Colossians followed by Genesis, Exodus and Proverbs and circle back to Matthew and Mark.  Keep in mind that neither the New Testament books nor the flow of the stories in the Gospels are chronological.  Suggested translations are:

  • English Standard Version (ESV): The newest version that balances translation challenges
  • New American Standard Bible (NASB): The most literal translation that’s sometimes difficult to read, but great for Bible study
  • New International Version (NIV): Readable and accurate, but seems to be replaced by the ESV over the past 5 years
  • New Living Translation (NLT): The most readable because it smooths over the text and makes some assumptions about meaning.  Not the best for Bible study

Recommended books:

  • Right with God by John Blanchard
  • A Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent
  • Basic Christianity by John Stott: Good overview of the faith
  • The Holiness of God by RC Sproul: Overview of the nature of God.  A classic because it’s highly readable
  • Essential Truths of the Christian Faith by RC Sproul: Provides an overview of key beliefs about God and His plan
  • Advice for Seekers by Charles Spurgeon
  • Faith Alone by RC Sproul
  • The Practice of Godliness by Jerry Bridges: Learn to live for God
  • Holiness by JC Ryle: A classic book about the importance of obeying God
  • Living by the Book by Howard Hendricks: Introduction to how to study the Bible
  • Knowing Scripture by RC Sproul: Bible overview
  • The God Who Is There by DA Carson
  • The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable? by FF Bruce: If you have questions about the reliability of the Bible, this is a good place to start.  Short and to the point
  • Humility by CJ Mahaney: In many ways, pride is the most signficant sin.  Learn to stand before God humbly
  • Lifeviews by RC Sproul


  • Table Talk: Monthly devotional with topical articles from leading pastors
  • World Magazine: Weekly periodical similar to Newsweek, but from a Christian worldview

Online resources:

Fun stuff: