If God Is…

If He (God) is good, and infinitely good, there is all the reason in the world that you should love Him; and there is no show of reason that you should love the world or sin before him.

If He is faithful and true, His threatening must be feared, and His promises must not be distrusted; and there is no reason that you should make any question of His word. 

If He is holy…then He must be an enemy to sin, and to all that are unholy, because they are contrary to His nature. 

Consider that He is almighty, and there is no resisting Him…in the twinkle of an eye can He snatch your guilty soul from your body, and cast it where sin is better known.  A word of His mouth can set all the world against you, and set your own conscience against you too…

and if He is your enemy, it is no matter who is your friend; for all the world cannot save you, if He does but condemn you…

He was from eternity, and you are but as it were of yesterday; your being is from Him; your life is always in His hands, you cannot live an hour without Him, you cannot fetch a breath without Him, nor think a though, nor speak a word, nor stir a foot or a hand without him…no love can be great enough, an no praises can be high enough, and no service can be holy enough and good enough for such a God…

this is not a God to be neglected, or dallied with; nor a God to be resisted, nor provoked by the willful breaking of His laws…O therefore dwell on the meditations of the almighty.

– Richard Baxter quoted by JI Packer (A Quest for Godliness)

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