Youth Discipleship Podcast Ideas

Discipling youth is challenging. With the constant distraction of flashing screens, their attention spans are short and desire to engage in conversations about God limited. The time you have with them in a car commuting to and from activities can be valuable if you use it wisely. Though not necessarily designed for youth the following resources can be helpful in sparking conversations about God, His world and His people:

  • Five Minutes in Church History with Stephen Nichols. This is a quick look into key events in church history and is the right length for young attention spans
  • Open Book with Stephen Nichols. Another short podcast that might be better for high school students. It dives into the favorite books of prominent pastors and theologians
  • Sports Spectrum: As implied this is sports specific for the athletes in your family. It has interviews of men and women across a variety of amateur and professional teams. Also take a look at this baseball discipleship post for other ideas
  • Pray the Word: A quick commentary and prayer from David Platt
  • The World and Everything in It: Daily news podcast from a Christian perspective that are appropriate for all ages and can prompt dialogue about world events and how God is working through them
  • John Piper’s biography sermons: Once again, more at the high school level and much longer than the other resources listed above, but good lessons so we can stand on the shoulders of giants of the faith
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