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The mission of James’ Mirror is to guide you to Christian resources such as books, articles and sermons that will enhance your knowledge of God (doctrine) and encourage your obedience to Him (discipleship).

The Importance of Teaching the Apostles Creed

The Apostles Creed on the most historic and foundational statement of the Christian faith.  It’s used by many denominations as the summary statement of what Christians have believed for hundreds of years.  The creed itself isn’t found in the Bible … Continue reading

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Church Denominational Positions on Alcohol

Church denominations differ in their views on alcohol from somewhat tolerant to completely restrictive.  All of them view drunkenness as sinful and therefore clearly out of bounds.  Reformed churches generally allow their members to follow their conscience and state that to … Continue reading

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Church of God Bloomingdale

I had some members of the Church of God Bloomingdale (Illinois), which is a part of the Church of God World Mission Society, visit my front door this morning.  Here’s a quick summary of their heretical views in case you … Continue reading

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Book of Romans Overview Video

Here’s another Bible survey video from The Bible Project.  This one covers and overview of Romans in two parts Romans chapters 1-4 Romans chapters 5-16 If you liked this one, view the Overview of Hebrews Video

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Book of Hebrews Overview Video

This video from the Bible Project does a nice job of providing an brief (8 minute) overview of the Book of Hebrews. The video breaks Hebrews into five sections: Angels and the Torah (chapters 1-2) Moses and the Promised Land … Continue reading

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Old Testament Overview Video

This video does a nice job of telling the story of the Old Testament in a five minute video.

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Bible Memory Test – Colossians

One good method of testing your memorization of long Bible passages is to strip out most of the word in the verse and leave only the first letter.  It looks like this: He is the i______c of the i________ ______, … Continue reading

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