Puritans Glorifying God in All of Life

Banner of Truth Magazine has short article by Kenneth Macleod on the Puritan view of life and glorifying God.  Macleod has several insightful quotes about living life for God such as:

  • Now if God is ruling over everything that happens, it is glorifying to God to trust him always. Accordingly Thomas Watson emphasized that ‘God is to be trusted when His providences seem to run contrary to His promises’. He illustrated this from David’s experience: ‘God promised David to give him the crown, to make him king; but providence turns contrary to His promise; David was pursued by Saul, was in danger of his life; but all this while it was David’s duty to trust God’ (p. 230). The genuine Puritan sought to trust God in all circumstances, however discouraging; he had learned that the promises are totally reliable, for Scripture told him: ‘God is faithful’.”
  • William Perkins teaching about recreation: “Our recreations must be profitable to ourselves and others, and they must tend also to the glory of God; the end of our recreation must be to refresh our bodies and minds; recreation must be moderate and sparing…”
  • John Bunyan said of prayer, “Prayer will make a man cease from sin, or sin will entice a man to cease from prayer.”
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