Father’s Leadership in the Home – Randy Stinson

Randy Stinson has a great lecture outlining nine principles of a father’s leadership in the home.  They’re summarized below, but you should listen to the message to understand the details.

1. Father’s vision for the home – determine what the family (collectively and individually) should look like or develop into in one, five, ten years
2. Father’s direction for the home – map out the steps for how to reach the vision; what should we start doing and stop doing?
3. Father’s Instruction (let me show you how) – prepare your kids for obstacles to reaching the vision by discussing challenging situations that they’re likely to face and planning for how to deal with them
4. Imitation (watch me) – lead by example, so that everyone else follows you following Christ
5. Family inspiration (isn’t this a great family?) – champion the home because the culture will try to tear it down
6. Family affirmation (you’re great!) – lavish appreciation and encouragement on your wife and kids
7. Family evaluation (how are we doing?) – regularly check to see whether the family is where we said it would go
8. Correction (lets make a change) – if the family is falling short of the vision make adjustments based on the evaluation
9. Father’s protection and provision (I’ll take care of you) – provide for the family and model dependence upon God through difficult circumstances

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