Christmas Advent for Children

As Christmas approaches, and gift buying ensues, it’s often difficult to maintain the focus on the coming of Jesus instead of the coming of presents.  The Jesse Tree is a meaningful way to create anticipation for Christmas while telling the story of creation, fall and redemption through the coming of Jesus.  The Jesse Tree by Geraldine McCaughrean and The Advent Jesse Tree by Dean Lambert provide a story and devotional respectively to help you use this concept with your family.  Here are some other ideas for activities to do with your family during the advent season:

  • FamilyLife has a page dedicated to preparing for Christmas including books, recipes and fun activities
  • John Piper answers the question of how to keep Christmas Christ centered.  His wife, Noel, provides some ideas for how to use symbols to keep the focus on Jesus including manager scenes, advent candles and a shepherd’s pouch.  Noel also explains why the Piper household doesn’t include Santa in Christmas.  John offers some additional background about their use of a Jesse tree rather than a Christmas tree
  • If you have older children, you can listen to RC Sproul teach about the meaning of Christmas and/or the Messiah
  • Focus on the Family offers ideas based on your kids ages including making ornaments, caroling and making hand made Christmas cards.  They also have a program dedicated to making Christmas meaningful
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