Evaluating a Child’s Spiritual Condition – John MacArthur Sermon

In John MacArthur’s sermon about Evaluating a Child’s Spiritual Condition, he provides some indications what true conversion of a child looks like and how we’ll see God’s work in their life.  Since we are evangelists to our children, the most compelling question that we can ask is, “How do I know if my child is saved?”  We can’t look to a particular event such as a prayer like asking Jesus into a child’s heart, nor a decision that they want to be a Christian, as an indication of salvation.  The true evidence is the working of God in their life through penitence, belief, obedience and association:

1. Conviction – The evidence of conviction of sin and a penitent heart.  Do they recognize what dishonors God?
2. Revelation – An understanding of and belief in the Gospel.  Can they explain it to you?
3. Sanctification – The pursuit of obedience such that they want to follow God because of a love for Him.  Are they growing in Christ’s likeness?
4. Association – The selection of godly friends.  Do they gravitate towards other kids who want to honor God?

As a parent we should pray for God’s work in our kids lives and work with the Spirit to model and teach kids about “the issue of sin, about the issue of conviction, talking to your children about the facts of the gospel, make sure they understand the issues of substitutionary death and atonement, forgiveness, dealing with the issues of obedience and sanctification, the issues of fellowship, being with the right people and loving God’s people. You need to be the tool that God uses to pass that information on which the Holy Spirit in His power quickens into transformation in the life of the child.”

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