Characteristics of the Wise from Proverbs

Real wisdom for life is the most valuable gift parents can pass on to their children – certainly superior to any material legacy.  Wisdom encompasses not only what we know, but also what we do and sometimes what we don’t do.  Proverbs is a fitting textbook for parents to teach wisdom.  Solomon often makes reference to teaching his son in the passages in Proverbs.

The characteristics of the wise outlined in Proverbs can be summarized in seven categories.  A wise man:

  • Puts himself in the company of those wiser
    • Obtains guidance (Proverbs 1:5)
    • Hears father’s instruction (13:1)
    • Walk with the wise to become wise (13:20)
  • Listens and learns even if the teaching is painful (e.g., reproof)
    • Hears and increases in learning (1:5)
    • Loves reproof (9:8)
    • Becomes wiser with instruction (9:9)
    • Gains knowledge through instruction (21:11)
    • Receives commandments (10:8)
    • Lays up knowledge (10:14)
    • Listens to advice (12:15)
    • Seeks knowledge (18:15)
  • Changes based on the learning
    • Hears instruction and doesn’t neglect it (8:33)
  • Uses wisdom to influence others verbally
    • Restrains his lips (10:19)
    • Captures/wins souls (11:30)
    • Brings healing with words (12:18)
    • Commends knowledge with his words (15:2)
    • Spreads knowledge (15:7)
    • Makes judicious speech and adds persuasiveness to his lips (16:23)
    • Brings great value to a listener (25:12)
  • Acts upon wisdom to better society
    • Is cautious and turns away evil (14:16)
    • Removes the wicked (20:26)
    • Turns away wrath (16:14, 29:8)
  • Makes good choices
    • Is not wise in his own eyes (3:5)
    • Is discerning (16:21)
    • Stores wealth for the future (21:20)
    • Holds his anger back (29:11)
  • Obtains good results
    • Will inherit honor (3:35)
    • Makes a father glad (10:1, 15:20)

Based on Chapter 5 of What the Bible Teaches about Parenting by John MacArthur

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