Schedule for Teaching Children about God Through Bible Study

To further expand upon previous posts What to Teach Children about the Bible and Practicals Way to Teach Children, here’s one suggested cadence to implement in order to maintain a consistent teaching schedule.  If you feel too overwhelmed, start with regular Bible study and then add other parts over time.

  • Bible study
    • Monday through Saturday read and explain a Bible passage.  Each day briefly review what you read the previous day before moving to the new passage
    • This can be followed by memory work of a Bible passage or catechism question (see below) and then family prayer time
    • On Sunday, review what you learned the previous six days asking kids to retell the stories and filling in gaps in their memory.  On the first Sunday of each new month, quickly review all of the passages from the previous month
  • Theology study
    • Pick one day a week (usually on the weekend) to do a study of a specific subject.  For example, what the Bible says about God’s knowledge.  If you use a catechism to guide you in this, review the question and answer and support texts.
    • Incorporate the catechism Q&A into your daily bedtime ritual so that children frequently revisit it and memorize it
  • Practical application to the situations of life
    • This is the stuff of day-to-day life, so there’s no place better to teach on this topic than conversationally over a meal.  When the family conversation reverts back to the tired loop of, Parent: “What did you do today?” Child, “Nothing” then describe a challenging situation and ethical dilemma and work through it Biblically with them.
    • Flag the scenarios that are most relevant to your kids lives and follow-up with those every couple of weeks, so that they’re well-trained in a Scriptural response
    • As appropriate, have them memorize a Bible passage that they can be prepared with then they face a temptation that’s particularly challenging
    • When they do face it, make sure that you aren’t judgmental if they fail, but be supportive to gently review what went wrong and why.  Praise and celebrate successes no differently than you would for a good test result or well-played athletic or musical performance
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