What Does Worship Include? – John MacArthur

When the word worship is used the association usually comes to mind first is song.  We open our church services with worship music, so that often defines the extent of what we consider worship.  However, worship is a much broader idea than only music.  It extends to nearly all areas of the Christian life.  John MacArthur provides eight areas that God considers worship.  As you consider the list, reflect upon whether you’re worshiping God with each of these experiences in your life.

  • Faith: When express unbelief, doubt or worry we’re saying that we don’t trust God, which is dishonoring to Him.  It is no small sin.  We learn to trust God by learning about His past works in the Bible and the lives of the saints
  • Praise: We exalt God by reciting His attributes and remembering His accomplishments and by being thankful for who He is and what He’s done
  • Confession: When we admit our sin, we humble ourselves and take responsibility for our actions.  We agree with God that we’ve broken His commands.  Confession is both worshipful and worship preparing because it cleanses us for service to God
  • Prayer: Talking with God is communion with Him and aligns our desires with His and asks for the fulfillment of His will
  • Fruit: Scripture describes fruit as character qualities in Ephesians 5:9, Philippians 1:10-11 and Galatians 5
  • Suffering: Being willing to die for God is the supreme honor in Christianity.  Laying our life down in service to Him as He did for us is the ultimate submission of our will to His
  • Contentment: We worship God when we are satisfied in what He’s given us in His sovereignty as Paul explained in Philippians 4 about satisfaction despite difficult circumstances
  • Witness: God is worshiped when we tell others about Him and ‘create’ new worshipers

Source: Worship by John MacArthur

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