Worship and the Jewelry of Christ – AW Tozer

Abraham sent his trusted servant to go and bring back a bride for his son Isaac.  This servant was authorized to bestow upon her jewelry as a token from her groom.  It was a symbol of his acceptance of the bride.  Now, how was Isaac going to know the bride?  What would set her apart from all others?  He was going to know her by the jewelry that she had on.  He had sent it, and when she came back with it, he would recognize her by his jewelry she wore.  And so Scriptures says Isaac too Rebekkah and she became his bride.

The Lord of Glory sent the Holy Spirit at Pentecost to get a bride, and He will know her by the jewelry she wears.  And what is that jewelry?  For one, it is the fruit of the Spirit.  Love, joy, peace, temperance, kindness and all that.  He will know her by what He has bestowed upon her.  Each of the fruit of the Spirit responds to the nature of Christ.  He looks into our life, sees what He recognizes as coming from Him and accepts it.

Perhaps the biggest jewel will be that of worship – the bright, shiny, glorious spirit of worship that rests upon the bride of Christ.  It is something that is implanted deep into the nature of man.  Not all the depravity of human wickedness can destroy that impulse to reach out and up in worship.  When God sees that worship, purified by the Spirit and the Blood, He responds and recognizes it as His.

Our Lord Jesus Christ will know His bride.  He knows who you are, and He knows you by the jewelry He has given you.  “He is your Lord and He shall greatly desire your beauty, worship Him.”

– AW Tozer in The Purpose of Man

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