Parenting Differences between Mothers and Fathers

In his article, Why Children Need Father-Love and Mother-Love, Glenn Stanton summarizes how mothers and fathers parent differently and why children need both parents to mature in a balance manner.  His points are as follow:

  • Mothers and fathers parent differently
  • They play differently
  • Fathers push limits; mothers encourage security
  • Mothers and fathers communicate differently
  • They discipline differently
  • They prepare children for life differently
  • They teach respect for the opposite sex
  • Fathers connect children to the job market

His conclusion
To be concerned with proper children development is to be concerned about making sure that children have daily access to the different and complementary ways mothers and fathers parent.  The same-sex marriage and parenting proposition says this doesn’t really matter. They are wrong and their lack of understanding will hurt children. It will rob children of the necessary and different experiences mothers and fathers expose children to. As a result, children growing up in mother-only or father-only homes will suffer deeply in terms of lack of confidence, independence, and security. Boys and girls will be at greater risk for gender confusion, abuse and exploitation from other men. They are less likely to have a healthy respect for both women and men as they grow into adulthood.

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