Summarize Implications to Improve Personal Bible Study Time

As we approach our Bible study or reading of a Christian book, it’s easy to flip pages or be satisfied with ourselves for ‘putting in the time’ without thinking through fully the implications of what we just learned.  This activity is of little value because we’ll soon forget any scrap of truth that may have been revealed to us by the Spirit of God.  Research has shown that writing a brief summary of learnings and reviewing material over time is key to remembering.  We want to remember truths and apply them to our minds and hearts so that we may be transformed into Christ’s likeness (Romans 12:2).  Our learning should either reinforce our beliefs and behaviors or cause us to alter them due to a clearer understanding of God and ourselves.  Given this goal, consider the following framework as you read or study.  A couple of minutes spent answering relevant questions will help you see implications to your life.  Reviewing these over time will remind you of the changes you need to make as a result of your study.

Questions to answer briefly:

  • God:
    • What did I learn about His nature or character?  How does this change or reinforce my view of Him?
    • What did I learn about His actions or work in history?  How does this change or reinforce my view of Him?
    • What did I learn about His laws, commands or requirements?
    • What do I need to do differently to better glorify Him based on better knowing His nature, work and/or laws?
  • Humanity:
    • What did I learn about human nature or fallenness?  How would I have reacted in similar circumstances?
    • What did I learn about my purpose or destination?
    • What did I learn to better serve and interact with others?
    • How can I better relate to others and show them God’s love based on understanding humanity and our purpose?  Does this reinforce some of my actions or cause me to change?
  • World:
    • What did I learn about Satan or the angels?
    • What did I learn about God’s creation or heaven?
  • Summary: How would I communicate what I learned and the implications to my life in three sentences?
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