Definition of Faith – John Murray

What is faith?  Here’s John Murray’s summarized definition.  Faith is knowledge, conviction and trust. Faith is knowledge passing into conviction and is conviction passing into confidence. Faith is trust in a person, the person of Christ, the Son of God and Savior of the lost. It is entrustment of ourselves to Him.

  • Knowledge: We don’t trust a person of whom we know nothing. We must know who Christ is, what He has done, and what He is able to do…Otherwise faith would be blind conjecture at the best and foolish mockery at the worst. There must be apprehension of the truth of Christ.
  • Conviction: Faith is not only an assent to the truth respecting Christ but also a recognition of the exact correspondence that there is between the truth of Christ and our deeds as lost sinners…It is conviction registers the verdict that Christ is exactly suited to all that I am in my sin and misery and to all that I should aspire to be by God’s grac
  • Trust: Faith cannot stop short of self-commitment of Christ, a transference of reliance upon ourselves and all human resources to reliance upon Christ alone for salvation. It is receiving and resting upon Him.

— John Murray (Redemption: Accomplished and Applied)

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