The Marks of Manhood – Al Mohler

In his brief book The Marks of Manhood, Al Mohler provides thirteen areas where boys need to mature to men.  The book can be read in five minutes and is worth thinking through if you have a son.  Mohler’s areas of maturity are:

  • Spiritually to lead a wife and children
  • Personally to be a responsible husband and father
  • Economically to hold an adult job and handle money
  • Physically to work and protect a family
  • Sexually to marry and fulfill God’s proposes
  • Morally to lead an example of righteousness
  • Ethically to make responsible decisions
  • Worldview maturity to understand what is really important
  • Relationally to understand and respect others
  • Socially to make a contribution to society
  • Verbally to communicate and articulate as a man
  • Character maturity to demonstrate courage under fire
  • Biblically to lead at some level in the church
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