2011 – The Year in Review

2011 Events2011 has almost come and gone.  We had a wedding,  earthquakes, a nuclear disaster, the death of at least three famous bad guys, riots, coups and a bunch of financial confusion.  What will you remember the most?  Here are some dramatic pictures to jog your memory: Year in Pictures Part 1, Year in Pictures Part 2, and Year in Pictures Part 3.  There are photo albums of Iraq, Japan’s crisis and nature at Boston.com Big Picture.

CNN’s list of top 2011 stories are listed by month.  Yahoo has several pages dedicated to the Year in Review.  The Telegraph covers the top stories for fashion, movies, music, business politics, the UK, Europe and other topics.

Christianity Today’s top ten Christian stories include Rob Bell, anti-Christian violence in Egypt, South Sudan independence and John Stott.  World Magazine has an audio review covering law, economics, sports and movies at their The World and Everything in It.  The Christian Post provides a different take with it’s top ten.

YouTube has a whole series of top 2011 videos, while Google summarized the year in this 2 minutes of major news images:

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