Top Blog Posts of 2011

Top blog postsThe year in review continues…As a follow-up to the top news stories and leading books of 2011, here’s a list of the top blog posts by ministry:

  • World Magazine provides their top 25 articles, which are more blog-like than news stories, so they’re included on this post.  They list anything from Tim Tebow and same-sex marriage to Pat Robertson and a one-world government
  • The Gospel Coalition’s top 10 blog articles include parenting, Rob Bell and the death of a child
  • Ligonier Ministries: Post authors include RC Sproul, Joel Beeke and Sinclair Ferguson
  • Tim Challies’ top list includes old articles that are still popular such as his review of The Shack, but also new reviews such as one about Rob Bell’s Love Wins.
  • Mark Driscoll shares his top 11 posts covering alcohol, Mormonism, Rick Warren and ‘Christian’ yoga
  • Counseling One Another provides its top 10 including how to write a sympathy card, visiting the sick, provoking children to anger and tips for memorizing scripture
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