Slaves for Christ – John MacArthur Sermon

John MacArthur explains how we’re slaves of Christ in contrast to the American version of Christianity which is about freedom and personal fulfilment of our dreams.  He says that the word slave is used 130+ times in the Greek, but rarely translated to that word in our English translations.   Instead, the word servant or bond servant is used, which softens the true intent of the New Testament writers.  Our true personal relationship with Christ is best described as a slave to his master such that a well-known verse is best understood as “Well done good and faithful slave.” As a slave, we have to perform service whether we like it or not because we are subject to and dependent upon our owner.  As such, when we explain the Gospel, we’re asking someone to become a slave of Jesus.  The sermon starts at 1:20:

The second part begins at 2:20:

MacArthur states that without understanding what it means to be a slave, it’s hard to understand what the Christian life is about.  He boils down the nature of a slave to five characteristics:

  1. Ownership – Exclusive ownership (we are bought with a price – Acts 20, 1 Peter 1:18-19, Revelation 5:9)
  2. Obedience – Complete and constant availability and obedience (not my will but Yours be done)
  3. Loyalty – Singular devotion to one master (cannot serve two masters)
  4. Dependence – Complete dependence on the master for everything (protection, provision in the present and in the future).  No independent rights
  5. Discipline – All discipline and reward comes from the master
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