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Communion and the New Covenant

Introduction Take yourself back 2,000 years to Jesus’ time.  It’s Thursday, April 2, 33 A.D.  Jesus is about 36 years old.  He’s been traveling with His disciplines for three-and-a-half years teaching the Jewish people about the kingdom of God.  On … Continue reading

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Metzger’s Causes of Error in the Transmission of the New Testament Text

We are blessed with thousands of New Testament manuscripts (over 5,000 fragments) due to the work of many scribes copying the Scriptures throughout the centuries.  This blessing also poses a challenge because many of these writers made changes to the … Continue reading

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Qualifications and Role of Deacon

In 1 Timothy, 3:8-13, Paul follow-up his teaching to Timothy about qualification for elders with an explanation of the qualifications for deacon.  Paul writes: Deacons likewise must be dignified, not double-tongued, not addicted to much wine, not greedy for dishonest … Continue reading

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The Teaching Qualification for Elders – 1 Timothy 3:2

1 Timothy 3:2b –  an overseer must be…sober-minded, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, When Timothy had received this letter from Paul, nearly three decades had passed since the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus.  During this period, Paul was … Continue reading

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The Importance of Precise Statements of Faith

Confessions, creeds or statements of faith vary in quality and precision.  Read through the three very statements listed below about God ordered from the most simple to the longest and most complex.  Consider the strengths and weaknesses of each.  Which … Continue reading

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Craig Blomberg’s Exegesis Checklist

In the appendix of his Handbook of New Testament Exegesis, Craig Blomberg provides a brief outline of his book to serve as a reminder of the process of Biblical interpretation.  The appendix provides a more detailed checklist, but these bullets … Continue reading

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Most Influential Christian Books

After a search across the internet for the most influential texts in Christian history came up empty, I decided to create my own.  It is admittedly biased toward western, evangelical, Protestant books with a skew toward more recent publications.  I … Continue reading

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John Owen’s Four Characteristics of a Christian Man – JI Packer

John Owen has written some of the most significant and weighty works on the nature of man and sin.  They should be tackled by every Christian who wants to know God’s grace and forgiveness more deeply.  As a sample of … Continue reading

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Puritan Gospel Emphases

JI Packer’s summary of Puritan Gospel emphases helps correct some subtle ways the modern church has gone astray in its presentation of the message of salvation.  Packer makes five points: Correct diagnosis of the plight of man: Our situation is … Continue reading

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Calvin’s Summary of the Gospel

Here is a succinct quote from John Calvin about what he believed we should tell people about the Gospel. That man was alienated from God by sin, an heir of wrath, liable to the punishment of eternal death, excluded from … Continue reading

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