Problems with Mormonism – Video

This is an amazing presentation by a practicing Mormon that distills into one hour everything that is false about the Latter Day Saints (LDS) church including the lies, drinking and multiple wives of Joseph Smith, doctrinal changes such as polygamy, changes to the Book of Mormon, the lack of historical and archaeological for a people in North America, the false translation of the Book of Abraham, the connection of the temple ceremonies with Masonry and evidence of abuses and cover-ups within the church.  Somehow he thinks explaining all of these issues will help keep Mormons in the church.

The ending (at the 50:00 mark) is just as shocking because the speaker rationalizes all of these issues by attempting to reframe the discussion from one of truth to one based on what’s good for the church member.  In essence, he says that it doesn’t matter if the church is true, just that it makes your life better (aka relativism).  He also encourages listeners to be Mormons on their own terms rather than based on what the church teaches.

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