The Fuel of Death Defying Missions – David Platt Sermon

David Platt’s sermon at the 2012 Together for the Gospel (T4G) conference was one of the most popular from the event receiving accolades from John Piper and others.  Platt’s basic premise is, “A high view of God’s sovereignty fuels death-defying devotion to global missions” or said another way “pastors who believe that God is sovereign over all things will lead Christians to die for the sake of all peoples.”  He preached from Revelation 5 and provided these additional premises as background:

1. local ministry and mission in the community are totally necessary and should not be neglected
2. global missions is tragically neglected because they are unreached (i.e., 2 B people don’t have access to the Gospel)
3. pastors have the privilege and responsibility to lead the way in global missions

Platt had four sermon points:

  1. Our sovereign God holds the destiny of the world in His right hand (10:00)
  2. The state of man, before God, without Christ, is utterly hopeless (20:00)
  3. The greatest news in all the world is that the slaughtered man of God reigns forever more (25:00)
  4. The atonement of Christ is graciously, globally, gloriously particular (32:00)

And four implications for pastors:

  1. Let us lead our churches to pray confidently for the spread of the Gospel to all peoples (40:00)
  2. Lead our churches to give sacrificially (44:00)
  3. Lead our churches to go intentionally to all peoples (45:45)
  4. Lead our churches to die willingly (50:30)
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4 Responses to The Fuel of Death Defying Missions – David Platt Sermon

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  4. Don Whitney/founder-servant says:

    What needed to be said . Thank you . Brilliant!

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