Chuck Colson Biography and Video

Chuck Colson died on April 21st leaving behind a mixed legacy.  For better or worse, his death leaves a hole in the leadership of the Christian community.  Colson has had a significant impact on the evangelical Church during the past thirty plus years primarily in the areas of worldview formation, political engagement and prison reform advocacy.  He has also created confusion about the Gospel due to his work with Catholic church leaders.

After serving time for his involvement in the Watergate scandal, he founded Prison Fellowship, Break Point and the Colson Center and wrote several influential books including Born Again, The Body and How Now Shall We Live.  Colson signed the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy, which affirmed his high view of Scripture  In 1993, he won the Templeton Prize for his work in religion.  Colson also was in the center of controversy with JI Packer in 1994 when he worked to formulate Evangelicals and Catholics Together.  His official biography can be found on the Prison Fellowship Leadership page.

Christianity Today maintains a list of Colson articles.  This Fox biography and interview by Brit Hume provides a quick synopsis of his life, conversion and work for God

Justin Taylor has posted Colson’s testimony and Tim Challies writes more about the impact of ECT.

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