Happy Mothers Day!  Today is set aside to honor the mothers in our lives – our moms, the mothers of our children and our daughters who are now mothers.  It’s difficult to adequately honor these moms without thinking about her role in our lives.  A mother’s job is:

  • Continuous: Their work never ends.  Vacations are rarely truly vacations because most of their responsibilities follow them to the new venue.   Even when we’re out of the house and on our own they do not retire from the role because it is part of their nature and identity to ‘mother’ us
  • Humbling: They care for us by cooking, cleaning, dressing, mending, transporting, comforting, cheering, scolding and teaching.  There’s nothing glamorous about the work.  The paparazzi don’t chase them to snap their picture because of the amazing things that they do
  • Sacrificial: Few of us ever know what our mothers gave up for us.  We do not understand what dreams were sacrificed to care for us or to give us a better life.  They sacrifice sleep when we’re infants and sleep when we’re adolescents for a different reason.  They die to their own desires to serve us.  Many mothers sacrifice careers to stay home and others sacrifice time they want to be home to provide for their family.  They are a portrait of Jesus’ own humility, service and sacrifice for those He loves
  • Thankless: We rarely show gratefulness to their moms for everything they do.  Kids expect that they should be cared for.  They assume that mom will be there for them.  Sure we buy a Mother’s Day card because a day appears on a calendar once a year, but we rarely adequately thank the person who loves us so much.  FamilyLife recommends writing a tribute to parents and here’s one example of a tribute to a mother.

As you spend time with your mom or call her today, think about what she invested in you and how she gave of herself and pay her the tribute that she deserves.

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