Lessons from the Life of CS Lewis – John Piper Message

In his message, Lessons from an Inconsolable Soul, John Piper provides a eight ways that Piper has found CS Lewis to be helpful to him.  Piper describes the highlight of the lessons as “the way that the experience of Joy and the defense of Truth come together in Lewis’s life and writings.”

  1. Liberation from False Dichotomies
  2. Liberation from Chronological Snobbery
  3. The Wakening of Wonder at What Is Really There
  4. The Perils of Introspection
  5. The Incompleteness of Duty Without Delight
  6. The Painful Value of Self-Knowledge
  7. Story Is Great—But Not Everything
  8. The Glory of Simply Being Human

Here’s some additional information about the Key Ideas C.S. Lewis taught

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