Forgiveness of Sin Word Pictures

The Completeness of God’s Forgiveness captures a list of word pictures that describe our standing before God because of the work of Christ.  The list is below and worth praying through in thankfulness to God.  The article provides details and verse references.

  • Atoned for
  • Blotted out
  • Cleansed
  • Covered
  • Forgiven
  • Forgotten
  • Hurled into the depths of the sea
  • Made white like snow
  • Not counted
  • Paid for
  • Pardoned
  • Passed over
  • Purified
  • Put behind
  • Removed
  • Set free
  • Sprinkled
  • Swept away
  • Taken away
  • Trodden under foot
  • Washed
  • Wipped out
  • God’s face hidden from them
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