The Race: Its Mission, Manner and Motives – Joel Beeke

Joel Beeke has a good sermon called Endurance: Running the Race on running the race of the Christian life using the frame work of our mission, manner and motives. Mission answers the question ‘what are we to do?’.  Manner answers ‘how are we to do it?’. Motives answers ‘why are we to do it?’.

Our mission: The mission of the Christian life is to run our Christian race to its end with
patience looking to Jesus.

Our manner: Negatively, we must rid ourselves of sin and hindrances.  Positively, we must look to Jesus for the strength to lay sin aside and looking to Jesus to endure and to run the race

Our motives:

  • Jesus’ example: Jesus endured on the cross.  Jesus rejoiced in the glory and reward that He would receive after the cross and we should look to the joy of heaven. Jesus despised the shame of sin imputed to Him and so must we despise our sin and run from it
  • A great cloud of Biblical and present day witnesses who encourage us by being faithful in life and finishing the race
  • Our own strength and peace of mind

A complete transcript of Beeke’s message can be found here


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1 Response to The Race: Its Mission, Manner and Motives – Joel Beeke

  1. “ Wondrous Truth ”I have never been able to understand how even many Christians have been able to deny God’s sovereignty and not be completely crushed with sorrow! What a delicious sermon spreading at our feet the feast of God’s amazing providence. A reminder one can never tire of, with rich application.

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