The Importance of Teaching the Apostles Creed

The Apostles Creed on the most historic and foundational statement of the Christian faith.  It’s used by many denominations as the summary statement of what Christians have believed for hundreds of years.  The creed itself isn’t found in the Bible nor was likely written by the Apostles, but captures the key elements of theology and is a good starting point for youth.  Other creeds such as the Nicene or the Chalcedonian are longer and were written to address a specific issue in the church, but the Apostles is concise enough to be quickly memorized and often repeated during liturgical church services.

This document focuses on the creed a one leg of a three legged stool as key summaries of Christianity with the The Lords Prayer and The Ten Commandments serving as the other two.  Together the three should be taught to children, so that they understand how God wants us to pray, what we must believe and how we’re guided to act.  It includes the creed, scripture references and questions to ask about each point of belief: Teaching the Apostles Creed

For more information the creed, see the following two three-minute videos:


For more ideas about the importance of teaching the faith to children, read Grounded in the Gospel by JI Packer.

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