Redeeming the Time in Isolation

With the outbreak of the corona-virus, we find ourselves in a new and unusual situation; something out of a movie script like Outbreak.  Our lives have ground to a halt as we become isolated from the rest of neighborhood, community and world.  Though this “social distancing” seems strange, it’s necessary to fight the spread of the virus.

This surprising turn of events provides us with an opportunity to slow down our lives, and take a break from the busyness.  As you consider what to do while locked at home, here are some ideas for how to redeem the unique time that we’ve been given in service to God and your neighbors:

  • Pray through your church directory and send messages to each person after you pray for them.  Especially pray for those who are sick and those whose jobs are threatened by an immobile society
  • Pick a specific book of the Bible and really dig into it using the digital resources available such as YouTube, online commentaries and Kindle books.  Summarize what you discover and teach others in your church via video in 10-15 minute mini-lessons
  • You could also do with with a specific theology topic or event from church history to have a better understanding of God and His work across time
  • Learn or practice an instrument so that you’re better prepared to help with music when church services resume
  • Call people single people such as widows who don’t have others around them during this time of isolation.  To them, it’s not much different that solidarity confinement in a prison and they need interaction with friends and family, even if it’s digitally
  • Find ways to serve others outside of the church by getting their grocery list when you run to the store, sharing tools and other resources or helping them by mowing their lawn or using others skills you have
  • Write friends and family notes telling them how much you love and miss them and sharing how God loves them too
  • Devote time to learning a new skill so that you’re in a better position to impact the world when life returns to normal

Don’t spend the time you’ve been given on movies or other media, but instead find ways to redeem it to the glory of God, so that you can say when this is passed that what was meant for evil, God meant for good (Genesis 50:20).


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