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The mission of James’ Mirror is to guide you to Christian resources such as books, articles and sermons that will enhance your knowledge of God (doctrine) and encourage your obedience to Him (discipleship).

Bible Questions Answered in Philippians

Here’s the book of Philippians turned into a catechistic question and answer format: What should be our attitude during imprisonment or persecution?  We should be confident in the Lord and bold to speak the word without fear knowing that to … Continue reading

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Children’s Sermon Notes Outline

Transitioning children from their Sunday School class to the adult service and sermon is challenging.  Depending on the church size and format, this can happen anywhere between 4th grade and 8th grade.  There aren’t many resources that help children, youth … Continue reading

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Good Friday Resources about the Crucifixion

Here are some resources about the crucifixion, atonement and meaning of the cross as you reflect on Good Friday: Classic sermons The Meaning of the Cross from Free Grace Broadcaster magazine The Atonement from Free Grace Broadcaster magazine Articles Was … Continue reading

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Metzger’s Causes of Error in the Transmission of the New Testament Text

We are blessed with thousands of New Testament manuscripts (over 5,000 fragments) due to the work of many scribes copying the Scriptures throughout the centuries.  This blessing also poses a challenge because many of these writers made changes to the … Continue reading

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Qualifications and Role of Deacon

In 1 Timothy, 3:8-13, Paul follow-up his teaching to Timothy about qualification for elders with an explanation of the qualifications for deacon.  Paul writes: Deacons likewise must be dignified, not double-tongued, not addicted to much wine, not greedy for dishonest … Continue reading

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Children’s Ministry Planning

Children’s ministry planning can be challenging.  There are many different areas to consider to help bring kids to know who God is, what He’s done in history and ultimately how He has revealed Himself in Jesus.  This brief document on Children’s … Continue reading

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Teaching Techniques to Improve Learning at Church

Educational and cognitive research provides some important insights into how to improve learning and memory.  The key theme is that learning can be enhanced through driving recall by working with taught information in new forms (summarizing, associating, testing) repeatedly over … Continue reading

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Church Planting Checklist

Planting a church involves piecing together many small organizational details that cover the spectrum of theology to management.  A launch team with a wide set of skills is useful to tackle the different kinds of tasks required to open your doors.  … Continue reading

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Activity to Teach Children the Bible’s Storyline

A fun activity that you can do with your children to teach them the storyline of the Old and New Testaments is to work with them to draw out the most significant events on paper or whiteboard.  Have the children … Continue reading

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The Great Ejection

Today marks the 351st anniversary of the Great Ejection.  If you’re not familiar with this event of church history, it was one of the most important days in the English speaking church because over 2,500 pastors forsook their livelihood in … Continue reading

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