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The Only Three Questions that Matter

There are only three questions in life that matter.  First, is Jesus God? Second, did Jesus rise from the dead (in body)?  Third, is the Bible the revelation of God?  If the answer to any of these questions is ‘no’, … Continue reading

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Metzger’s Causes of Error in the Transmission of the New Testament Text

We are blessed with thousands of New Testament manuscripts (over 5,000 fragments) due to the work of many scribes copying the Scriptures throughout the centuries.  This blessing also poses a challenge because many of these writers made changes to the … Continue reading

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SLED Pro-Life Explanation

As you prepare yourself to explain reasons for the pro-life position, Scott Klusendorf has developed a simple explanation of why a baby in the womb shouldn’t be considered to be any different than one just born.  He presented his outline … Continue reading

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The Three Components of Faith

One of the most common criticisms of Christianity is its reliance on faith.  The implication normally is that faith is a blind hope that something is true and the opposite of the fact based, repeatable experimentation that science supposedly produces.  … Continue reading

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Brief Summary of Muslim Beliefs

Here’s a brief summary of Islamic beliefs with specific attention to how they related to Christianity to help you understand the points of similarity and difference between the two religions.  The references in the parentheses are passages in the Qu’ran. … Continue reading

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Ravi Zacharias Apologetics Method

Ravi Zacharias provides a helpful apologetic framework that’s useful when discussing difficult issues.  He breaks all debates into three levels.  The first level is logic, which is why we believe what we believe.  The second level is imagination, feeling and … Continue reading

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Questions to Move You Beyond Small Talk

Most of our conversations happen at a very sterile, arms-length level.  We may not know people who we’ve been friends with for decades very well because we stick to discussing the results of the weekend’s game or what’s happening at … Continue reading

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Proofs of Jesus’ Deity – John Gerstner

In John Gerstner’s little known treatise, A Primer on the Deity of Christ, he provides several unique proofs of the deity of Christ from the Gospels.  His treatise is a short dialogue and worth reading for the discussion around the … Continue reading

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What is Faith?

What is faith?  Faith is often characterized as blind belief just because we want it to be true.  It’s sometimes thought to be belief in spite of evidence to the contrary.  But is that really what Biblical faith is like … Continue reading

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Are Mormons Christians?

Are Mormons Christians? The LDS church answers ‘Yes’, but are they right?  Consider this situation…one day your friend David decides to claim that he’s a woman.  He argues that he has 99% of the same qualities as a female and … Continue reading

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