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Questions to Move You Beyond Small Talk

Most of our conversations happen at a very sterile, arms-length level.  We may not know people who we’ve been friends with for decades very well because we stick to discussing the results of the weekend’s game or what’s happening at … Continue reading

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False Christian Cliches You May Believe

In the Christian culture there are many cliches that are repeated so frequently that it’s easy to believe them without any Scriptural justification.  Six common cliches are addressed below: God loves the sinner, but hates the sin: See to David … Continue reading

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Most Influential Books to Christian Women

Focus on the Family asked its Facebook fan base what book after the Bible is the most influential in their life.  Given Focus’ audience, 85%+ plus of the responses were from women.  The informal survey isn’t representative of the full … Continue reading

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Happy Mothers Day!  Today is set aside to honor the mothers in our lives – our moms, the mothers of our children and our daughters who are now mothers.  It’s difficult to adequately honor these moms without thinking about her … Continue reading

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Vanderbilt University Religious Intolerance

Vanderbilt University administration recently made a decision to require campus based student groups to open their leadership positions to any student.  While this mandate may sound reasonable, it prohibits groups from requiring that leaders adhere to the group’s policies and … Continue reading

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John Stott on the Quest for Transcendence, Significance and Community

John Stott provides insight into three ultimate human quests – transcendence, significance and community.  See a portion of the interview below: What about what some call the greatest mission field, which is our own secularizing or secularized culture? What do … Continue reading

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What Christians Can Learn from Muslims

This may be a controversial statement, but Christians can learn a lot from Muslims about honoring God.  It’s sad, but true, so keep an open mind about the statement.  Although they don’t have the true God, consider the following six … Continue reading

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