Theology Book Recommendations from Joel Beeke

In Joel Beeke’s Reformed Confessions, he provides an extensive bibliography with recommendations.  His favorite books by topic are listed below:

  • The Doctrine of God: Knowing God by JI Packer
  • Inspiration of Scripture: 2 Timothy 3:16, 2 Peter 1:21, Thy Word is Truth by Edward Young and Nothing but Truth by Brian Edwards
  • Canon of Scripture: Inspiration and Canonicity of the Bible by Laird Harris
  • Authority of Scripture: Authority by Martyn Lloyd-Jones
  • Scripture’s Sufficiency and Inerrancy: Bible Inerrancy Primer by John Gerstner
  • The Trinity: The Trinity by Edward Bickersteth
  • Deity of Jesus: The Gospel of John and A Primer on the Deity of Christ by John Gerstner
  • Deity of the Holy Spirit: The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit by George Smeaton
  • Creation: Studies in Genesis One by Edward Young
  • Angels: The Ministration of, and Communion with Angels in The Works of Isaac Ambrose
  • Devils: Satan Cast Out by Frederick Leahy
  • Providence: The Mystery of Providence by John Flavel
  • Human Creation: Man: The Image of God by Gerrit Berkouwer or at a more popular level The Christian View of Man by Gresham Machen or Knowing Man by JI Packer
  • Fall: Human Nature in its Fourfold State by Thomas Boston
  • Bondage of the Will: The Bondage of the Will by Martin Luther
  • Original Sin: Original Sin in Volume 3 of The Works of Jonathan Edwards or An Unregenerate Man’s Guiltiness Before God in Respect of Sin by Thomas Goodwin
  • Predestination: John 6:37-44, Romans 9-11, Ephesians 1, Calvin’s Institutes 3.21-24 and The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination by Loraine Boettner
  • Salvation Promises of God: The Wells of Salvation Opened by William Spurstowe (out of print)
  • Messianic Promises: Christ Revealed by Thomas Taylor or at a popular level The Unfolding Mystery by Edmund Clowney
  • Recovery of Fallen Man: Christ our Mediator by Thomas Goodwin
  • Incarnation: The Virgin Birth of Christ by Gresham Machem
  • Christ’s Two Natures: Chalcedonian Creed and The Person of Christ by Loraine Boettner.  At a deeper level, The Person and Work of Christ by BB Warfield
  • Justice and Mercy in Christ: Heidelberg Catechism questions 9-18 and The Commentary of Dr. Zacharias Ursinus on the Heidelberg Catechism
  • Christ’s Sufferings: The Suffering Savior by Fredrich Krummacher or one volume When I Survey by Herman Hoeksema.  For the last week of suffering, The Passion of Our Lord by Erich Kiehl
  • Christology: Christ All in All by Philip Henry
  • Christ as High Priest: The Work of Christ by Robert Letham
  • Christ’s Atonement: The Orthodox Doctrine Regarding the Extent of the Atonement Vindicated by Charles Hodge or popular Vicarious Atonement Through Christ by Louis Berkhof
  • Salvation by Faith Alone: The ABC of Faith by Alexander Comrie
  • Justification: An Inquiry into the Nature of God’s Act of Justification in The Works of Thomas Halyburton or Faith Alone by RC Sproul
  • Sanctification and Holiness: God’s Way of Holiness or Holiness by JC Ryle
  • The Ceremonial Law: Institutes of Elenctic Theology V2 Chapters 24-25 by Francis Turretin
  • Christ’s Intercession: The Knowledge of Christ Glorified by John Hurrion
  • The Doctrine of the Church: The Glorious Body of Christ by RB Kuiper and Calvin’s Institutes Book 4 Chapter 1.  For the most extensive treatment see The Church of Christ by James Bannerman
  • Church Membership: The Duty to Join the Church and to Remain with Her in The Christian’s Reasonable Service by Wilhelmus a Brakel
  • True and False Church: The Christian’s Reasonable Service by Wilhelmus a Brakel
  • Church Scandals and Heresy: A Treatise Concerning Scandal by James Durham or Concerning Scandals by Calvin
  • Church Governance: Biblical Church Government by Kevin Reed
  • Church Offices: Order in the Offices by Mark Brown
  • Homoletics: The Art of Prophesying by William Perkins
  • Pastoral Theology: The Reformed Pastor by Richard Baxter
  • Elders: The Problem of Eldership and Its Wider Implications (Banner of Truth #395-396d)
  • Church Order: Paradigms in Polity by David Hall and Joseph Hall
  • Worship: A Fresh Suit Against Human Ceremonies in God’s Worship by Williams Ames or Gospel Worship by Jeremiah Burroughs
  • Church Discipline: Handbook of Church Discipline by Jay Adams
  • Sacraments: Institutes Book Two
  • Church and State: City of God by Augustine and The State in Its Relations to the Church by William Gladstone
  • The End: Revelation and Behold He Cometh by Herman Hoeksema
  • Heaven and Eternity: The Saints’ Everlasting Rest by Richard Baxter and The World to Come by Isaac Watts

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The mission of James’ Mirror is to guide you to Christian resources such as books, articles and sermons that will enhance your knowledge of God (doctrine) and encourage your obedience to Him (discipleship).
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