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What is Faith?

What is faith?  Faith is often characterized as blind belief just because we want it to be true.  It’s sometimes thought to be belief in spite of evidence to the contrary.  But is that really what Biblical faith is like … Continue reading

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Are Mormons Christians?

Are Mormons Christians? The LDS church answers ‘Yes’, but are they right?  Consider this situation…one day your friend David decides to claim that he’s a woman.  He argues that he has 99% of the same qualities as a female and … Continue reading

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The Gospel and Islam – Thabhiti Anyabwile

In this hour long 9Marks discussion about the Gospel and Islam, Mark Dever talks with Thabhiti Anyabwile, a former Muslim turned pastor, about Islam and how to engage with Muslims.  The conversation begins with Thabhiti’s story and then transitions into … Continue reading

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Did the Disciples Steal Jesus Body?

One of the arguments used to attempt to disprove the resurrection is that the disciples stole the body of Jesus (Matthew 28:13).  For this to have occurred three things needed to be in place 1) they must have expected that Jesus would rise … Continue reading

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Tim Keller at Authors@Google

Tim Keller spoke about the existance of God at Authors@Google.  At the time, Keller’s speech was the second most popular event that Google held.  The session begins with a presentation and then Q&A from the Google staff audience

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Four Gardens of Text, Context, Conquest and Conquest – Ravi Zacharias

In this video, Ravi Zacharias argues for the existence of God.  He points to the order in the universe and the lack of time required to account for the complexity of humanity as starting points.  He then walks through four … Continue reading

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Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus

Below are five videos that touch on evidence of the resurrection of Jesus.  The first four are very short and the last one is over an hour. Evidence of Jesus resurrection based on the diversity of His appearances in the … Continue reading

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