Tim Keller Interview – Reason for God? Belief in an Age of Skepticism

Martin Bashir interviews Tim Keller about the book the Reason for God.  The video time, question and a brief summary of Keller’s answer is captured after the video.

  • Why did Keller think it necessary to write a book about the reason for God? (0:15)  A: It’s a common question that people ask and it needs to be answered
  • How can religious belief be about empirical science rather than faith? (2:30)  A: It takes more reason and faith to disbelieve as it does to believe
  • Isn’t it true that the notion of God is just a projection of our own cultural circumstances? (5:35) A: The belief of the questioner is also ‘socially constructed’, so we must still make a decision about which of the cultural claims is true.  The reasons for there not to be a God is just as strong as the reasons to believe in God, so denial can be constructed as well
  • Do you believe that there’s only one God and one way to approach God? (11:45) A: Yes, if what Jesus claims is true then there has to be one way to God.
  • What happens to Muslims, Jews and others who don’t believe in Jesus? (13:30)  A: All I know is that God says that we need Jesus.  Beyond that I don’t know how God will dealth with them
  • Does this mean that these people will go to hell? (15:10)  A: Everyone makes a choice to either put hope in the grace of God or your ownself and your own performance.  Many people in churches will also find that they were depending on their own performance rather than God to go to heaven.  Beyond this I don’t know.
  • You build your arguments on the credibility of the witnesses in the New Testament.  How should we think about some of the stranger parts of the Bible like the book of Revelation? (18:35)  A: If you decide that Jesus is who he says that he is, and Jesus looks at the rest of the Bible as credible, so you deal with the whole Bible as authoritatively too
  • Does the behavior of Christians over the centuries deny a God of love? If it’s true, why is it so hard to live out? (24:00)  A: This is the strongest objection to Christianity, but Christianity is self critical.  Jesus criticized the religious leaders of the day.  It’s about getting to the roots of what real Christianity is and how it should be lived based on the Biblical teaching.  Those acting against the heart of Christianity have no idea what it’s about.
  • Are you convinced that Christianity is true? (31:00) A: Yes, more than ever
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