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Did the Disciples Steal Jesus Body?

One of the arguments used to attempt to disprove the resurrection is that the disciples stole the body of Jesus (Matthew 28:13).  For this to have occurred three things needed to be in place 1) they must have expected that Jesus would rise … Continue reading

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Tim Keller at Authors@Google

Tim Keller spoke about the existance of God at Authors@Google.  At the time, Keller’s speech was the second most popular event that Google held.  The session begins with a presentation and then Q&A from the Google staff audience

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Tim Keller Interview – Reason for God? Belief in an Age of Skepticism

Martin Bashir interviews Tim Keller about the book the Reason for God.  The video time, question and a brief summary of Keller’s answer is captured after the video. Why did Keller think it necessary to write a book about the reason … Continue reading

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