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The Cambridge Declaration

April 20, 1996 Evangelical churches today are increasingly dominated by the spirit of this age rather than by the Spirit of Christ. As evangelicals, we call ourselves to repent of this sin and to recover the historic Christian faith. In … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Life of CS Lewis – John Piper Message

In his message, Lessons from an Inconsolable Soul, John Piper provides a eight ways that Piper has found CS Lewis to be helpful to him.  Piper describes the highlight of the lessons as “the way that the experience of Joy and … Continue reading

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Together for the Gospel (T4G) Affirmations and Denials

As Christians we need to be clear what doctrines believe in and don’t believe in.  Together for the Gospel (T4G) put together a set of brief videos that capture what the group affirms and denies about the faith. Article I: … Continue reading

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Who Is Jesus Anyway? – John MacArthur on Larry King

Larry King interviews John MacArthur, Deepak Chopra and others about who Jesus was and why He matters.  Note that the video edits out some of the comments by others to focus on King and MacArthur’s interactions.

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What Happens After We Die? – John MacArthur on Larry King

John MacArthur discusses what happens after we die and how we get to heaven on Larry King along with a Catholic, Jew, Muslim, an Atheist and a New Age religious leader.  MacArthur states that after we die we go to … Continue reading

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Did the Disciples Steal Jesus Body?

One of the arguments used to attempt to disprove the resurrection is that the disciples stole the body of Jesus (Matthew 28:13).  For this to have occurred three things needed to be in place 1) they must have expected that Jesus would rise … Continue reading

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Do Children Who Die Go to Heaven? – John MacArthur Sermon

In John MacArthur’s sermon titled The Salvation of Babies Who Die, he explains his view of what happens when children die young.  You should listen to the message yourself including part 2, but here’s a summary of what he taught … Continue reading

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Slaves for Christ – John MacArthur Sermon

John MacArthur explains how we’re slaves of Christ in contrast to the American version of Christianity which is about freedom and personal fulfilment of our dreams.  He says that the word slave is used 130+ times in the Greek, but … Continue reading

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Four Gardens of Text, Context, Conquest and Conquest – Ravi Zacharias

In this video, Ravi Zacharias argues for the existence of God.  He points to the order in the universe and the lack of time required to account for the complexity of humanity as starting points.  He then walks through four … Continue reading

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Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus

Below are five videos that touch on evidence of the resurrection of Jesus.  The first four are very short and the last one is over an hour. Evidence of Jesus resurrection based on the diversity of His appearances in the … Continue reading

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